Bring bespoke luxury home with Jeeves of Belgravia’s eco-friendly fabric care products

At Jeeves of Belgravia, we are proud to have kept London looking chic for over five decades. Now we are expanding our offering and homegrown expertise to today’s fashion-forward, environmentally conscious customers.

Introducing the Jeeves of Belgravia bespoke fabric care collection

Driven by resounding customer demand and decades of experience in developing our signature fabric solutions, we are bringing a dash of Jeeves luxury to the everyday.  

To craft our debut collection, our experts faced the unique task of merging convenience with quality and opulence with sustainability. They also conducted rigorous testing against existing ranges to ensure that the performance of Jeeves’ products remains unsurpassed in the market. 

Having achieved these goals, we are proud to unveil our first-ever range of luxury fabric care products to meet the varied needs of today’s busy but discerning customer. 

Punishing on stains, soft on the environment 

With everyday wear and problematic stains in mind, Jeeves fabric care products are formulated to firmly target and lift marks. Simultaneously, they are gentle and safe to use on even the most delicate of fabrics. This approach is designed to lengthen the life of garments and discourage throwaway culture.  

As a Royal Warrant holder, we place great emphasis on our environmental responsibilities. Our solutions are developed using environmentally friendly components. Not only do they deliver impeccable cleanliness, they are 100% non-toxic and designed to have minimal impact on our natural surroundings. 

Homegrown luxury  

The Jeeves fabric care range features detergents, fabric conditioners, washes and travel sprays. All are formulated to retain the feel of a luxurious dry clean. These solutions are used to this day at our London-based centre of excellence. From here we serve renowned fashion houses, couture designers and members of the royal family. Highlights of our fabric care range include: 

Signature Stain Solution

Don’t discard your favourite garments without trying Jeeves’ signature stain solution. Developed and perfected over decades, it is formulated to treat stubborn marks while being gentle and safe for use on delicate fabrics. 

Luxury Fabric Conditioner

Keep your favourite clothes softer for longer with our luxury fabric conditioner. Its active ingredients work to protect against wear and tear while relaxing fibres for easy ironing. 

Garment Travel Spray

Arrive looking your best when on the move, with our garment travel spray. Its active ingredient relaxes creases and wrinkles in folded garments after long journeys. Perfect for suits, blouses and shirts, its scent adds that just-washed feel while away from home.  

Wool and Cashmere Shampoo

Whether it’s scarves, jumpers or cardigans, cashmere and wool need quality care. Our choice shampoo gently cleanses and preserves, ensuring your finest knitwear is as soft as the day you bought it.

Calming bed linen wash and calming bed linen fabric conditioner

Recommended for use in combination, our luxurious bed wash linen wash and conditioner are scented with extracts of lavender and sandalwood to promote relaxation and aid a good nights’ sleep.  

Harnessing nature-based scents 

In developing these products, we wished to capture the sensory pleasure of receiving dry cleaned fabrics back freshly laundered, pressed and scented. 

Our range is infused with fresh, nature-based scents for the ultimate in luxury and sensory appeal. Using high-quality fragrance encapsulation technology, our products ensure that newly laundered scent lingers on your fabrics for as long as possible. 

Fragrances are carefully chosen and honed by our experts. They include sweet pea and vanilla for that just-washed feel, fresh cologne for revitalising shirts and lavender and vanilla to promote restful sleep. 

Several of our products carry the Jeeves signature scent of jasmine and sandalwood. A firm favourite among our customers, we have perfected this scent over our fifty years in the dry cleaning business.